Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning the Green Way

Spring cleaning season is exciting for us here at MaidPure. Not only is it a chance to deep clean your home, it is an opportunity to renew and reinvigorate! We've compiled some of our best advice to make your Spring Clean easier.

  • Gather Supplies 
Get together your Green Cleaning Supplies or use one of these tools to buy a product that is safe for your family and environment.

  • Green Cleaning Shortcuts

❑ Keep Supplies Together - Create a cleaning caddy for different areas of your home.

❑ Pump Up the Music - Music helps you to move more quickly, all while having fun!

❑ Start With Your Least Favorite Room - Do the most difficult areas when you are most motivated

❑ Don’t Clean Just To Clean - Clean the dirty things, and leave the rest alone.

❑ Clean As You Go - When you see a mess, clean it up and save yourself time in the long run.

❑ Don’t Overuse Cleaners - Too much cleaner can damage surfaces and leave a residue.

❑ Top To Bottom - Start cleaning at the top of a surface, and work your way down.

❑ Dry To Wet - Do your dry cleaning, dusting, etc. first. Next, move to your wet cleaning.

❑ Put Supplies Away - Make sure that all of your tools are put away, so they’ll be ready for you next time.

  • Use Our Expert Advice

 Tips for Cleaning Countertops

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 Tips for Cleaning Your Floors

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