Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Clean: Counters

Perhaps no other surface in your home gets more action than the kitchen counter, and keeping it clean is important to your family's health. You don't have to bring in toxic cleaners to get the clean you need.  Following these tips will help you green clean your counters: 

* The Basics 
Most surfaces get the perfect clean with a warm soapy water solution using hand dishwashing liquid for regular cleaning. Occasionally, spritz a solution of equal parts vinegar and water on the surface to disinfect. To remove stains or caked on food, a lemon juice and baking soda paste will do the trick. You will need to alter your regimen for some surfaces; see below. 

* Know Your Surface

Tile - Note that vinegar can erode grout, so do not use too often. Hydrogen peroxide cleans tile grout stains very well. 

Wood - Dry immediately and do not use vinegar frequently. To polish, use olive or linseed oil with essential oil of lemon. 

Marble - Do not use vinegar on this porous surface. 

* Disinfect 
Many products contain toxic chemicals that not only kill bad germs but the good ones as well that your body requires to maintain balance.  Vinegar kills both salmonella and E. coli, making it a terrific sanitizer in the kitchen. 

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