Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 5 Ways to Waste Less This Holiday Season

According to, Americans throw away 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year's creating an extra 25 million tons of garbage.  Here are our top 5 ways to cut down on holiday waste:

1. Decorations
Upcycle Christmas cards or wrapping paper to create everything from garland to ornaments. Look no further than your backyard for beautiful, natural items like berries, pine cones and evergreen plants to use for centerpieces, placecard holders and wreaths. 

2. Food & Drink
Plan ahead to make sure you are not over-preparing food and drinks. Coordinate with a local shelter to donate leftovers. Here is a great guide to knowing how much to prepare for your dinner or party guests.

3. Wrapping
Get creative with your wrapping using fabric, ribbons and hand-stamped craft paper to wrap gifts. Tea towels are excellent for wrapping and become a part of the gift. Instead of bows, use a sprig of pine and a pine cone for an elegant, natural touch.

4. Gifts
Donate to a special cause in someone's name to give a gift that really makes a difference. Instead of buying for one another, do something special together like go to a play or hike a trail  to create lasting memories.

5. Dress
Look special at that holiday party without adding more waste to your wardrobe: host a holiday swap shop with your girlfriends. Each of you will bring festive items from your wardrobe - sparkles, feathers, jewelry, etc. - and you can mix and match to create a new look. Host a get together in January to return items. 

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