Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Gift Giving List

When you’re making your list and checking it twice, remember to make eco-friendly choices.  Look for products made using sustainable materials and methods, take your own shopping bags with you and shop local!  Here are our picks for your green gift giving.  

Upcycled Whale Wall Art

These handcrafted, whimsical whales will look great in a seaside or mountain home. We love that the original finish on each piece of wood gives it fabulous, fun color.

Reclaimed Textile Spool Wine Rack
Your wine will rest beautifully in this rack that is handmade from repurposed spools salvaged from a factory in Thomaston, GA. Talk about a conversation piece - and what better time to have it than over a glass of wine? 

These socks are not only Earth-friendly and comfortable, their fashionable too. The prints range from peacock feathers to giraffe spice and look sassy and sexy with skirts while keeping your legs warm. 

Island Dog Design Dog Beds
Your furry babies will rest easy and safely on these stylish beds. While most dog beds are filled with chemical-based foams, these beds are made using natural products from start to finish. The designs are so cute, you’ll have a hard time picking THE one. 

gJoy gPants
The gDiapering system makes cloth diapering easy, comfortable and stylish. Little tushes will sleep in comfort and joy in these adorable holiday gPants.  So cute! 

Want to lower heating and cooling bills by up to 20%? Get this thermostat that learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone; so cool.  

Perfect for the green tech lover in your life and anyone who needs to charge up on the go. This kit uses solar panels to charge the batter pack so that you can charge your devices on the go.  

Make your home electronics “smart” with this system that allows you to control electronic devices at home using your Apple device from wherever you are, activate electronics using motion sensors and even get messages sent to you that a door has been open at home. 

Superfine Wool Long John From Rambler's Way
“A practical luxury” says it all.  When you need to keep warm, do so in comfort! These are so lightweight you’ll not know they’re there, yet so soft and warm that you’ll be glad that they are. 

These clutches, made using vintage books with coordinating fabric liner, are the ultimate gift for the book loving fashionista.  

Changing The Present
This incredible website offers a searchable database of gifts that change lives - from feeding a child to coastal conservation.  Search by cause, by price or by family member for ideas about causes you can support that would honor your loved one.  Purchase your selected gift in your friend or family member’s name and send a personalized greeting card letting them know.  

Each page of this calendar is made of seed paper. Once your page is done, plant the paper and enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs all year long! The calendar also has great tips, recipes and growing instructions. This is a terrific gift for people of all ages.

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