Monday, December 17, 2012

Environmental Entertaining

As friends and family come to your home to celebrate the holidays, make your affair green.

  • When choosing a menu, consider organic and local options. Use free-ranged, organically raised chicken and beef, or if you're planning on a seafood dish, purchase fish that has not been commercially raised. Additionally, choose local and seasonal foods, especially when it comes to produce. Not only will your food be fresher, but also in-season fruits and vegetables tend to be less expensive.

  • When it comes to serving hors d'oeuvres, pass on the imported cheeses; opt for a domestic cheese over Brie. The shorter shipping distance will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

  • Think domestic and local when it comes to drinks too. Serve local or domestic wines instead of the imported variety. Check into vineyards in and around your area; local wines will also add a personalized touch to your event. Even having wines shipped from California , as opposed to France , will cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide released.

  • After dinner, serve Fair Trade coffees or espressos.

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