Monday, November 12, 2012

Gobble Gobble the Green Way

Show your thanks for the environment and healthy living by making eco-friendly choices this holiday season. Some easy ways to make good choices:

- Turkey: The bird is the word, and that word is organic, cage-free and free-range. OK, that's more than one word, but you get the point.

 - Fixings: Buy local! Your food will be fresh, you support your local farmer and you mitigate the environmental impact of mass-distribution.

 - Leftovers: Compost those scraps or have larger quantities donated to a local shelter.

 - Dishes: Use the good china or dish-ware and skip the paper plates. For clean up, be sure to use the dishwasher which uses less water (on average) than hand washing.

- Centerpieces and Name Cards: Get crafty and DIY instead of buying something at the store. You need look no further than your backyard. Use branches with slips of paper tied to it to create a "thankful tree" and have each family member write something on it. Use an ink pin to write names on dried leaves for place cards.

We'll be posting green tips on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as Thanksgiving approaches, so friend and follow us!

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