Monday, November 5, 2012

Toss Your Toxins...Responsibly!

What do you do when you're done with that house cleaning spray? How do you get rid of old medications? Empty hairspray cans?
Paints, cleaners, automotive fluids, batteries, pesticides, glue, medication, TV's, computers, phones and YES, even some beauty products are all considered Household Hazardous Waste or HHW for short. According to the EPA, Americans store 100 pounds of these hazardous wastes away in garages, closets and basements each year and another 1.6 million tons is irresponsibly thrown away. When you toss your toxins down the drain or in the trash, it makes its way to landfills and waterways which contaminates the air you breath and water you drink.

So, before you dispose of household hazardous waste, choose a better, safer way!  

If you're uncertain about a product or item you have, check the label. If the product has one of the following ingredients, it is indeed toxic and needs to be disposed of responsibly.  

- Flammable
- Corrosive or Caustic
- Explosive or Reactive
- Toxic or Poisonous

To properly dispose of HHW and prevent pollution that could endanger human health and the environment, visit your city or county's Environmental Management and Recycling Web site for detailed instructions.

Charleston County

Mecklenburg County

Of course, you should also consider limiting the number of products that are considered HHW to begin with. Purchase wisely, buying only what you need for the job. Look for ingredients that are natural or make your own products using natural ingredients whenever possible. Make clean, green choices for how you clean, work and live.

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